Harris fit Hawk Talon Bipod Feet Spike uninstalled


Harris fit Hawk Talon Bipod Feet Spike uninstalled.

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Replacement feet for Harris style bipods. Made from anodized aluminum with a stainless-steel spike, the Hawk Talons will help you “get a grip” in the harshest shooting conditions. On dirt, wood, stone, sand or concrete, the Hawk Talon design provides greater stability for precision shot placement. **INSTALLATION KIT INCLUDED** Instructions included.

Some of the feet are easy to remove and some are very hard to remove! If you do not feel comfortable changing out your bipod feet, please contact us for help as we use a press at our shop.

Installing Harris style Hawk Talons on bipods that have the internal spring function on un-notched, leg models.
Once the original rubber feet are removed, the springs will retract up into the leg no longer allowing the leg to “spring back” when depressing the button. Some shooters prefer this and manually adjust the legs as needed.
Keeping the retracting function using the internal spring is possible if you use a wire to pull the spring back down and loop it around the pin when installing the new foot. When ordering, choose the option to receive the stainless-steel center spike uninstalled if you prefer to retain the spring retraction. You will need to install the center spikes after attaching the spring and foot. To do this you will need a punch set and hammer or press.

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