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Area 419 Data holder

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The Hawk Hill Data-Holder, also known as a DOPE holder, is designed to revolutionize target data management. Our flexible design with multi axis rotation allows target data, trajectory charts and information to be easily viewed without changing shooting position. The rugged construction will hold up to the demands of competition shooting as well as the toughest hunting, field and combat conditions. Kydex panel easily folds away when not in use to prevent injury or snagging.

*Area 419 Mount Data Holder attaches with included genuine Area 419 screws.

Electronic devices used on the data holder are at your own risk. We do not warranty damage to electronics attached to the Data Holder.

Included with product:

  • 300 mil pvc card and marking pencil to write directly on card. Won’t wash off in rain but wipes away easily.
  • Industrial strength velcro for attaching various objects to card.
  • Genuine Area 419 mounting screws.

Key features:

  • Rugged, yet light weight 7075 aluminum
  • MIL-A-8625F TYPE III Hardcoat Anodize
  • All Stainless-Steel Hardware
  • Detent click multi-axis rotation
  • Coated stainless external screws for a blacked-out look and extreme corrosion resistance.

*Tips for displaying data – the included white card and marking pencil are a great way to view data. Pencil easily wipes off with a cloth or even a finger but won’t wash off when shooting in the rain.

Our preferred way to apply data for shooting matches is with a strip of masking tape and a sharpie marker. For Hunting take advantage of our Flat Dark Earth cards and create a trajectory card to take hunting so you can grab and go. There are many ways to use the Data Holder, these are only few we’ve found to be helpful.


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